The Story Behind the Deck

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Since the day I opened my practice in 2003, I've opted for an al fresco office - in other words, I've chosen to have walking sessions with clients. I walk because I know it moves people - physically and emotionally. Being outside and moving lets the brain relax and those aha moments have space to happen. When I contemplated writing a book about my thoughts on walking and ways to move through life's sticky times, I immediately thought of those fabulous books on my nightstand that I never quite felt like reading after a full day.

Naturally, my aha moment came while walking.

I knew my work must be shared in bite size bits, so it is doable, non-threatening and does not get left unopened on someone's nightstand. My goal was to create user-friendly, practical, Positive Psychology inspired exercises that can create forward momentum during a short (or long!) walk.

The Mindful Stepping™ deck was the answer.


Happy Stepping!


On A Mission

To be the deck of inspiration that individuals reach for when they need a boost in positivity, relationship, confidence, meaning or (quite frankly) any life boost.


A beautiful example of Positive Psychology in practice
— Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, Founder of the Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and Founder of The Flourishing Center
Bravo! Well done.
— Louis Alloro, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, Organizational Learning Expert and Executive Coach
“I absolutely LOVE Mindful Stepping™ and have been taking the deck wherever I go! I love the guided reflection time, so innovative!”
— Lucy H., Singer and Songwriter

Who Can Benefit

  • Individuals craving a bump up in life satisfaction
  • Couples desiring a new or deeper connection with one another
  • Friends wanting to enrich their relationship
  • Employees needing a break from the fluorescent lights
  • Managers hoping to strengthen team dynamics
  • Coaches and therapists wanting a take-away tool for clients to use between sessions