It's The Small Stuff That Makes A Big Life

Inclusive. Fierce. Funny.

These are the three words that stick out in my mind as I continue to reflect on a memorial service that I went to this weekend for my accountant who died much too young from cancer. It's crazy how a one hour service listening to the beautiful thoughts of her family members (including 6 kids) can put life in immediate perspective. 

When you are in the "thick of life" and just getting through each day, it is sometimes hard to step back and realize you actually are doing just fine. You are making an impact (often without awareness), you are touching lives, and the things that feel so little (like bringing family together for both the regular and holiday dinner or driving your kids from here to there) do make a difference. 

A big difference.

I am certain this woman had no idea of the significant impact that she made by simply being a mom, wife and sister who gathered family and friends at any opportunity, fiercely approaching life through continuing to grow and learn, and putting smiles on the faces of those around her just by making a silly joke. She was described as "Possessing the ability to bring out the best in every individual. Her true talent lay in the capacity to bring people together." I can't think of more admirable qualities.

When you start to doubt yourself, or wonder if you are living as big as you could, take a deep breath and soak in each and every life that you have touched and continue to touch. Your imprint is likely much larger than you realize. You, too, are making a difference. 

A big difference. 

I am convinced it's the small stuff that makes a big life.