Ever feel like you are always in transition? 

Just when you get the hang of life, everything changes? You constantly find yourself needing to grow, learn, evolve? 

Or much worse, you don’t.

When you look at it that way, change doesn't seem so bad. After all, who wants to be stuck? Not growing, not learning, not evolving?

Bottom line: We are all, always, in transition. That’s a good thing. This is the space where life happens. This is also the space where I work and play. 

In a nutshell, I blend my years of experience in Life Transitions Counseling with my Certification in Positive Psychology to help clients pop into the driver’s seat of life and enjoy the ride.

Unique Fact: From the birth of my practice, I have always walked with clients. Why sit in a closed room with four walls, when we can throw on sneakers, move our bodies, breathe in the fresh air and allow the brain more space for creativity? In addition to the natural benefits of exercise, I've found that walking side-by-side with my clients creates a more natural and relaxed environment than sitting across from one another in an office setting. 

Naturally, how I work with clients became my inspiration for creating Mindful Stepping™.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stepping!